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Dear Momma

Dear Momma,

I get it now. The constant chaos, the sleepless nights, the hustle, the noise. I get it all now.

When I was a child I never saw how much or how hard you worked. I knew, of course, that you cared for us and our home. You were and still are a career woman. You built a business with your husband with three young children needing everything from you. I can only imagine the amount of stress you were under. And I only have to imagine it because you always protected us and never let us know what was happening below the surface. I admire you so much.

You've always had my back. Your dedication to your children is second to none. Whenever I've needed you, without question you've shown up however you can. You've always been a safe place for me to land and a critical but non-judgmental ear, always ready to listen.

When I went into labour with Nora, you held your breath as the code pink was called. You knew we were in trouble. You've always known when I needed an extra prayer. That's just the connection we have.

When the twins came early, you put your life on hold for 17 days to sit with me in the hospital so I wasn't alone. You've spent hours in the car coming back and forth to help me and my family. But that's what Mom's do, right? No, that's what exceptional Mother's do. And you, Momma, are exceptional.

Dear Momma, thank you for being that strong, unwavering, independent role model. Thank you for those sleepless nights when you worried about me. Thank you for all of the love you've poured into me and my children. I am who I am because of you. I am so grateful and I love you so much. Happy Mother's Day.

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