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Your wish is my command!

If you want to take your blog or business to the next level, you've found the right place! 

Website Design

Are you looking for a beautiful, but easy to use site? For personal or professional use, I can help. 

I can guide you through creating a functional, SEO enabled site that reflects you or your business. If that sounds like too much, I can do it all for you too! 

Logo Design & Branding

Launching a new business? Looking for a redesign? Hoping to find something that reflects who you are now? You've found the right place! We'll work together to find out who you are, and how we can reflect that in your brand. 

Take your social media game to the next level

Want to engage online, but you just don't know how? Ready to grow your following and gain new clients? I can help! I'll look at your current following and provide a strategy to help you grow your social media organically, with real followers and potential clients. 

If you're too busy, or it's just not interesting to you, hand your password over and let me take over. I can engage for you, as you, online and maintain your accounts daily. 


Consultancy starting at $95 per hour

Website development & design

starting at $800

Social media management services starting at $800 per month

All rates are in Canadian funds.

Custom packages are available


Looking for examples of my work? Cool! Here's a few sites I've worked on. 

2021-06-06 (2).png
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