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Content Creation on Social Media

As a busy mom of 3 girls documenting life on Instagram, I build partnerships and promote products and experiences through authentic social content. I use this platform as a personal journal, so you'll find the highs and the lows amongst my content. This honest and transparent style has allowed me to build a genuine trust and loyalty amongst my followers.

I focus on plus size fashion, self care, lifestyle, home improvements, and all things related to raising three strong, independent women.


I have a love of women-run, small shops, and enjoy working with larger, established brands as well. I will only promote a brand or experience that I genuinely love and would recommend to my friends and family. Check out my highlight reels to see some of my recent work. 

For more information on my following, audience demographics and past brand partnerships, please feel free to reach out. 


Influencer campaigns starting at $500

Giveaway hosting starting at $800

Sponsored blog post + influencer campaign

starting at $1300

All rates are in Canadian funds.

Custom packages are available

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